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Album Cover Design, Album Cover, Album Cover Art, CD Art, CD Cover Design, CD Cover, CD Cover Art, By Freelance Retro Vintage Album Cover and CD Artist Illustrator Andy Nortnik.

Album Cover Design
Album Cover Design
Album / CD Front
Album / CD Back (Song Titles & Liner Notes to be added in Pre-Production)

Designing CD Covers (otherwise know as Album Covers to those of us who grew up with vinyl) is very satisfying for me. Being the lead singer in several bands growing up, music played a huge part of my life. If you're in a band and you need some Cover Art, give me a shout and let's Rock!

Above is an Album Cover that I designed for the great San Antonio based rock band Taco Land. They wanted a retro vibe, so I provided them with a vintage gas station sign treatment including a distressed filter that gave the art an antiqued vibe. They loved it and it was a pleasure working on this project!

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