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Raster To Vector Conversions

Raster To Vector Conversions By Freelance Artist Illustrator Andy Nortnik

Converting Low Resolution Raster files such as .gif, .jpg (.jpeg) or .bmp formats to high resolution, scalable .eps or .ai Vector Files is my bread and butter. It's what keeps food in the old Frigidaire (along with some brewskies!). Do you have customers who walk in the door with nothing but a rude, quick drawing on a martini napkin and yet they want you to convert that "idea" to a tangible product? Send it my way! I can turn that quickly drawn sketch into a high resolution piece of art! I can even Color Separate the file if needed using PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors! So, if you'd like to help me keep my fridge stocked, give me a hollar! I'm just an email away.