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Vintage Poster

Vintage Poster By Freelance Retro Artist Illustrator Andy Nortnik

My forte is Vintage Posters. As a teen, there was an Antique Store up the road that specialized in Vintage Toys including Vintage Western toys and games. Honestly, I was more attracted to the bright, primary colors of red, green and blue than to the actual product inside! Lithograph Printing on Tins with Cartoon Western figures such as Cowboys, Gunfighters and beautiful Pinup Girl style Cowgirls really lit the spark that shot me down the dusty Vintage Illustration trail. Lithography still facinates me, especially the wonderful graphics on old tin toys from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s similar to the Digital Art I've created above.

If you're looking for an Artist who can mimic the Lithography techniques of the past century, not to brag, but you've found the right guy!