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Retro Clip Art
Retro Clip Art

Retro Clip Art, in Retro and Vintage Styles. Instantly Download Royalty-Free, Scalable, Vector and Web-Ready Retro Clip Art, Vintage Clip Art and T-Shirt Art! A Classic Collection of Advertisements, Signs, and Logos from the Thirties, Forties and Fifties including WWII Pinup Girls, Mascots, Pop Culture Designs and Bowling Art from the Atomic Age. Created specifically for Embroidery Software Pattern Digitizers, Graphic Designers, Screen Printers, Sign Makers, Desktop Publishers and Web Designers. Rockabilly fans will flip on this collection!


Retro Clip Art

      WELCOME! If you're looking for the best collections of color, retro and vintage clip art, ad art and T-shirt art from the thirties, forties and fifties, you've found it! This is the companion collection to Retro Clip Art Volume II.

     WHAT YOU GET! This classic image collection includes billboards, logo templates, T-shirt templates, pinup girls and WWII bombshells, not to mention mascots, pop culture icons, and signage! You'll love the spot illustrations of sci-fi art, bowling clip art, drive-in clips, atomic age art, pool hall and billiard images, as well as the vintage ads, stray cats, Las Vegas showgirls, gambling dice, rockabilly tattoos, holiday line art, he and she devil hipsters, beer and beverage ads, martini lounge and bar signs, and old school choppers!
     Hot rod and racing enthusiasts will love the 1955 Chevy and the vintage speed shop sign art! Plus, I didn't forget about the antique collector and Americana enthusiast and have included several retro and vintage toys including a classic pink pedal car and penny arcade rocket ship! Check out the Route 66 road sign, classic fifties diner and cafe complete with antique telephone and more diner coffee and drive-in snacks than you can shake a greasy spoon at!
     It's the ultimate clip art collection for screen printers, tattoo artists or anyone who just needs, unique, 100% original art for custom T-shirts, web sites and web pages, desktop publishing, offset printing, embroidery templates for digitizing, graphic design, holiday greeting cards, home made crafts and more!

     THE FORMATS: Each and every image is provided in three industry-standard formats:

  • .eps high resolution (600dpi), scalable vector format for screen printing, traditional offset printing, dye sublimation and heat transfer processes
  • .jpg for import into most Microsoft products including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and others!
  • .gif optimized files with transparent backgrounds for all Web and Internet media

     All images are color-separated for screen printing using PMS (Pantone Matching System) spot colors or CMYK (4 color process) and are also ideal for dye sublimation, and heat or digital transfer processes! A printable catalog comes with the collection so you can find what you need fast! Please read my Usage Agreements before you buy.

I've searched the Internet and have collected 20 of the Web's coolest, shareware retro fonts and dingbats for you! They are the PERFECT compliments to my Retro and Vintage clip art images!
To download the fonts separately, click the links below:

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Download the images to your desktop INSTANTLY!

Why wait for a CD ROM to be mailed to you? Click the "Download Now/Add to Cart" link below to pay safely and securely using MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express or PayPal and upon payment you will receive an instant DOWNLOAD link to this collection right now! Once you click the DOWNLOAD link, you will be able to save a compressed (.zip) file to your hard drive which you will be able to open using Winzip [Windows] or Stuffit Expander [Mac]. The file contains all of the images and formats mentioned above for this collection.

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Retro Clip Art
Retro Clip Art
Volume I
Retro Clip Art
All art © 2004 Andy Nortnik. All rights reserved.

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Retro Clip Art

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